Deli&Cheese 1on1: The Exclusive 1on1 Buyer-Supplier Exchange

Deli&Cheese 1on1 offers a unique opportunity to network in person with the key players in your industry. Deli&Cheese 1on1 is an an efficient combination of high-level networking, thought leadership, innovative product sourcing and insights into the hottest marketplace trends–all in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

Only FirstSource Events combines product presentations, thought leadership education and product samplings with an innovative 1on1 Buyer-Supplier Exchange where qualified Buyers initiate 1on1 meetings with pre-screened Suppliers.

Need to convince your boss?

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Discover New Products and Breakthrough Solutions at No Cost to Your Company

event-DC-2What’s In It for You?

Absolutely Free Participation

Qualified Buyers receive complimentary admission to the conference program, up to two nights of luxury accommodations at the host hotel, ground transportation to/from Tampa International Airport and hotel, scheduled meals, sampling breaks, receptions and a personalized meeting schedule.

The Most Efficient Use of Your Time

This isn’t a tradeshow: it’s a working, high-level business meeting. You’ll meet senior-level Suppliers who respect your time, position, and role as a decision-maker. Deli&Cheese 1on1 puts the control in your hands. After you’ve heard the presentations and tasted the product samples, you decide which Suppliers you’ll schedule formal meetings with based on your needs and interests. You are never forced to meet with Suppliers with whom you have no interest.

event-2Access to the Right Companies

We’ve pre-screened leading Suppliers; only those with exceptional products, ample production capacity and stellar business standing have been invited to participate.

Powerful, Personal Networking and Indispensable Market Intelligence Gathering

In addition to meeting potential Suppliers, meet your peers and other thought leaders and improve the way you operate all year long. Many Buyers who have participated in FirstSource events tell us that a surprise benefit is getting to know their peers from across the country, and the opportunity to collaborate with them on common challenges, strategies, and solutions.

Improve your Purchasing Efficiency at Deli&Cheese 1on1

At Deli&Cheese 1on1, you’ll have the time to step back and address your buying needs at a strategic level while being introduced to a host of new products and vendors. Condense a year’s worth of sourcing and research into two highly productive days.

StAugustine-2An Exquisite Location in Tampa, Florida

You’ll work here—but in a stress-free environment that makes doing business an absolute pleasure.

Find Solutions for Today and the Long Term

You’ll enjoy the luxury of engaging in in-depth discussions about your unique needs and challenges with current—and potentially new—Suppliers who will help you with both short-term and long-term sourcing solutions. At the end, you will have cultivated a valuable group of highly qualified industry contacts you can call on whenever you need them; relationships that will be invaluable throughout your career.

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Who Should Participate?

Deli&Cheese1on1 is a restricted-access event; all participants are pre-screened for purchasing authority.

Buyers will include Restaurant chains, Foodservice management, GPOs, Hotels, Resorts & Casinos, Cruise Lines, Prepared Foods, Charcuteries, Deli and Specialty Cheese product purchasing decision-makers: department directors, category managers and buyers, purchasing VPs and senior executives.

Suppliers will include executive-level and senior sales staff with deal-making authority from high-volume producers, manufacturers, processors and importers of deli, charcuteries, prepared foods and specialty cheese products.

Pre-Qualified Prepared Foods, Deli, Charcuteries and Specialty Cheese Buyers Receive the Following Entitlements



Seafood Buyer-Supplier Exchange Event

Featuring specialty cheese, deli, charcuteries and prepared foods

“It would have taken weeks to accomplish what I was able to accomplish in this short timeframe. I really enjoyed the structure—having the eight minute supplier presentations, then selecting the vendors that I wanted to follow up with [in] one-on-one meetings the following day—was a very efficient and effect use of time.”