September, 2017

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MainCourse 1on1

Meat, Poultry and Seafood Buyer-Supplier Exchange Event

FirstSource Events presents MainCourse 1on1, the Industry’s most trusted and exclusive Buyer-Supplier Exchange for meat, poultry and seafood professionals. MainCourse 1on1 is a unique and highly effective conference and 1on1 matching exchange. This isn’t a tradeshow: it’s a working, high-level business meeting bringing leading Category Buyers together with some of the nation’s top Suppliers.

Supporting Organizations

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Our November 2-3, 2016 MainCourse 1on1 event in St. Augustine, Florida was a great success. Thanks for attending.

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2017 MainCourse 1on1 Updates

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The event includes:

Learn-from-ExpertsLearn from Industry Experts

Explore consumer trends, the economic forecast for seafood, meat & poultry, and leading concepts from industry experts on cutting-edge topics.

purchasing-researchImprove Purchasing Authority

Condense a year’s worth of sourcing and research into two highly productive days.

1on1 Buyer Supplier Exchange1on1 Buyer-Supplier Exchange

Meet High Volume Buyers 1on1 and personally introduce your products and programs. Qualified Buyers initiate 1on1 meetings with pre-screened Suppliers.

Interaction-Idea-SharingInteraction and Idea Sharing

Network with your peers from across the country and collaborate with them on common challenges, strategies and solutions.


The US Shrimp Market Explained

UrnerBarry Shrimp Market Whitepaper

Our supporting partner, Urner Barry, has written this whitepaper, The US Shrimp Market Explained: Supplies and Prices Before and After EMS, helps explain how sudden price jumps in the market 2013 and 2014 are largley explained by factors such as a reduction of shrimp production, regional import data data, and impact at the retail level.

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2016 Agenda at a glance

Arrival Evening, November 1


Welcome and Introductions

Pre-Opening Reception and Supplier Showcase

Post Showcase Networking Party

Wednesday, November 2

Breakfast Buffet/Opening Remarks

Dynamics of a Changing Plate: How to win over your consumer’s shifting appetite
by Datassential

Challenges, Insights and Opportunities for Beef, Pork and Poultry
presented by Urner Barry

Generational Marketing: Demographic Shifts Driving Profits 
by Mintel

Challenges, Insights and Opportunities for Seafood
presented by Urner Barry

Offsite Luncheon and Tour of Beaver Street Fisheries

Supplier Presentations

Evening Out in St. Augustine

Thursday, November 3

1on1 Buyer Supplier Meetings

3:00 | End of MainCourse 1on1

“Very easy and smooth set up and an excellent amount of face time with the target customers both in our presentations and in the relaxed atmosphere afterward.”

—Hain Pure Protein